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Women talking honestly about work, family and life post-40.

It's an old cliché that women (or men) aged over 40 are on the 'wrong side' of life. Many of us find careers or purpose that transform the second half of our lives.

In our brand new podcast,
The Right Side of 40, our amazing guests tell us about the new careers and hobbies they kickstarted post-40. We hope they will inspire you - LISTEN NOW!

We also discuss some career dilemmas that we may be facing in the work-place. Our concerns pre-40 - employability, financial security, and getting some kind of fulfilment from work - don’t change post-40 even though lots of other things about life have changed. It's not easy navigating the ups and downs but being older brings a fresh perspective – and remember, you are not alone!

With good humour, and many years of life and work experience to draw on, Eve and Caroline explore what it's like for women today working in our 40s, 50s, and 60s.

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We're on 
The Right Side of 40 - are you?

Girl with Tiger


Friends navigating careers and family life for three decades 

Caroline has been project and programme managing for 30 years. At the forefront of the digital transformation of content services in the UK, Caroline worked for leading media organisations as well as government departments delivering complex projects and multi-channel strategies.


The biggest challenge has been juggling career and family life but now her children are older she hasn’t recently been asked whether the umbrella in her bag is a ‘Charlie and Lola’ one having hastily grabbed it on the way to a meeting on a rainy day.


Somewhere in her forties, Caroline’s career transition began as she started to work with organisations in the culture, heritage and library sectors. In some ways this was the work equivalent of reconnecting with your first love - at school Caroline was a Saturday library assistant. She now divides her time between procrastinating about writing her next novel (did we mention she was a writer?) and innovating local government services. Oh, and podcasting. 

Eve’s long career began in Canada before moving to London to study for a Masters degree. Feeling at home in the UK, Eve stayed and climbed the career ladder in publishing, advertising and media. Luckily there was a revolution happening in the content-creation industries as they moved from analogue to digital. There was no better training ground to learn how to manage and anticipate business process change which has become her professional niche. Eve has worked in London, Seattle, Paris and Montreal. 


Family life had to fit around full-time work which included lots of business travel over the years. Support from her full-time house-husband made it all possible. It’s only a couple of years until their nest is empty and a new phase of life and work begins; the shift is already underway.


These days, when not podcasting or walking the dog, Eve can be found at her consulting practice helping companies get more efficient in how they operate today and get them to their long-term strategic business goals tomorrow.

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Eve and Caroline



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